Jalapeno Bacon Envelopes




  1. Mix the cream cheese, jalapeno peppers, bacon, sriracha, cumin, garlic powder and onion powder until well combined and creamy.
  2. Working with one wonton at a time place a teaspoon of the mixture in the center of the wonton. Moisten all edges of the wonton lightly with water. Bring opposite corners together to make a triangle. Work gently to smooth any air bubbles out and gently smooth the edges together. Fold the two opposite corners up to form an open envelope. Keep working until all wontons are complete. Keep the ones that are complete under a lightly moistened paper towel while you are creating the others.
  3. Heat about an inch of canola oil in a heavy saucepan until it is crackling. Do not allow to boil. Fry them about five at a time for 30-45 seconds flip and cook for another 30-45 seconds. Drain on paper towels. They can be served with a hot mustard sauce or just like they are.


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